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Getting customers from
your website is easy... just need the following things:

Bullet the right visitors.
Bullet a clear message.
Bullet clear presentation.
It also helps to have a website that
works well across devices,
so people can use it
easily to buy.

When your website is easy to use, with the right message, a strong call to action
and all the right technical ingredients - guess what?

It makes you more money.

Bag of money
This seems like magic to some people,
but to us it's just plain, everyday logic.

It's what we do.

We`ve done it for lots of online retailers, who are now earning more money
as a result of the changes we have made to their websites.

For example, these guys:


we made some changes to one of our customer`s product pages.
The uplift in sales has increased their revenue by 30%.

20,000 visitors to their website used to earn them £9,000
The same amount of visitors now earns them £11,700
We've even published a book on the subject (download chapters for free below...).

It details the many things stopping you from getting more sales & leads from your website and more importantly what you do bout the.

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What Our Customers Say...

Testimonial"I'd recommend them to anybody that's serious about wanting to get the right results from the right customer for their business.
They know what they're doing, as far as what works and you can be sure that your website in safe hands..."

Ste Mueller

Testimonial"Thanks to Mister Metric's remarkable ability to improve my website my ecommerce business has seen growth and a significant return on investment."
John Lamerton

Testimonial"Wow! My website has broken all previous sales order records in only 12 days of July.
In only 30 days your work has made a difference to my business. Thank you"

Amelia Sutcliffe

Testimonial"our website now generates 30% ish more organic visits.
Money very well spent sir."

Stuart Miles


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